Saturday, April 21, 2012

Basic New Moon Ritual Pattern

Cast your circle ....

* Place white, cream or pastel colored budded flowers on the altar.
Daffodils are wonderful in spring, and roses in summer.

* Burn white or pastel candles on the altar.

* Use damiana, lemongrass, lavender or any other light, airy incense.

* Energy should be raised in a manner that is brisk or lighthearted:
beating a bodhran or other drum with a quick rhythm would be
perfect, or shaking gourd rattle or rainstick.

* Call on a suitable goddess such as Artemis, Inanna or Freya or
just summer the Goddess as Maiden. You will probably find She
will arrive without much effort on the part of the celebrants, and
will have an uplifting and tangible presence.

* Magick for the New Moon should be concerned with fresh
wishes and goals, or new stages in project already underway.
Work toward putting energy into starting each project, but ask
for some staying power to prevent things from petering out again.

* For the feast, have light colored foods such shortbread or crescent
shaped mooncakes and drink white grape juice, wine or spring water.

[From Praise to the Moon by Elen Hawke]


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